The UT membership contains many characters, ages and nationalities all of whom are joined in their enjoyment of triathlon training and associated shenanigans!  A special bunch!

The President & Founding Members

Gary 'El Presidente' King

The club leader has shown to have a ‘Bolton addiction’ (Ironman UK), which just won’t go away and is often linked to the boxing day IMUK sale! 

Riding in full Ekoi (a brand he pioneered in the UK), he prefers to race hard until ‘the legs have nothing’.  

Whilst awaiting a complete physical overhaul, he is focussing on the Aqua-bike as he journeys towards an ‘uber biker’ status, a la Cam Wurf. 

An expert in delivering ‘the breaking down’ phase of any athlete’s development.

Tim Maynard

Having been guided through his growing up years by El Presidente, he has strived to secure his approval as an adult.  

With unreliable calves and minimal running, he prefers to choose to run too hard in races (see picture above).

The main organiser and the customer facing arm of UT, he likes to think he’s serious about his racing, but is an AG like everyone else.

Needs to watch out for deer small rabbits when riding.

Kathryn Maynard

As a founding member, the skipper has progressed from an annual swimmer, to a more serious trainer. 

As a mentee for El Presidente, she is self-taught at performing a ‘snot rocket’ after confiscation of her tissues.   

She is long suffering and rides regularly with the x2 founding members, working primarily with a group of athletes from ‘lane one’.

Rachel '23' Brown

The jewel in the UT crown, she was named ‘23’ by the president on an initial bike outing (focussing on the original description as to who she was).  

A wonderfully talented athlete, who’s only feedback from a training camp was ‘she could really do with organising herself’.  

Her forgetful nature is very endearing (although walking round a hotel in your pants, is something to think about) and seems to be the only person the president will wait for.  

She is highly entertaining and you know that when the sentence starts ‘Guys, guys….you’ll never guess what! , you are in for a gem of a story.  (‘Could the boy on the train’ etc…..)

Stephen Blakey

Child protégé Stephen has brought some exuberance of youth to UT. 

One of the original x4 who made the trailblazing trip to the Peak District back in 2017, brings with him a ‘fleet of foot’ when running and fast improving swim speed.  

Stephen’s history on the bike, can only be described as ‘mixed’.  Previously renowned for the engine ‘falling out’ and being escorted home on the bike most weekends, he has managed to sort this out…..this in turn has moved on to crashes instead.    

He managed to make a full imprint of himself onto the side of a white van at the bottom of Scots Hill (broken collar bone + Plate)…..not satisfied with this, he ‘took down’ the whole of the British Triathlon’s age group qualification process, whilst crashing in Brighton.  

Note: careful when cycling with him.

Kat Blakey

A tri-fan girl (Zaferes, Blumenfelt, GTB follower), whose 1st adventure was a trip to Spain with the UT’s (whilst Stephen was working hard). 

A long on-going injury problem has limited running and cycling, but still likes a Friday night swim club and any sort of social event.   

During Stephen’s crash season, her nerves were tested to the full, but despite that, took her chance to get involved in attempting a citizens arrest on a Brighton resident who couldn’t get out his house due to the race.  

Hopefully there will be some more chances to race in the not too distant future.

Helen Gibbins

Clockwork and consistent in each element is the way Gibbins trains and races. 

A relative newbie to the squad, she has gone all in, with bike, training camp, X-country etc…. At times, she no doubt wonders how she followed this triathlon path!  

Still to make an appearance at the UT karaoke social, lots will be expected.

Duncan & Rachel 'Rev' Hamilton

The Rev made her initial intro into triathlon whilst still swimming breaststroke (took a while for that to be accepted by Duncan) and since then hasn’t looked back.

The Rev is the club chaplain, offering spiritual guidance for the UT membership (her work as a padre should help).  With Outlaw X on the horizon, there is plenty to expect. 

Duncan is the fish of the group, using his extra dimensions to generate a powerful stroke.   A great swim lead out man with a methodology and efficiency, which doesn’t tolerate athletes ‘blowing up’ (poor pacing in his eyes). 

He does however need to manage his paella and red wine intake effectively.

Chester Hamilton

Without doubt the most popular member of UT. 

At his pomp he has a PB which destroys the best of any other team members, at his worst he has been trained to wait for the Rev to catch up! 

He has had a few outings to stay with the president, which resulted in a ‘Fenton’ style incident chasing cows…..and then painting his hallway in blood swooshes up the white walls. 

Overall a very good boy.

Jess Corbridge

Wetsuit entered the UT squad in style, bringing her new wetsuit to the pool to try it on….the name has stuck.  

Her audition to join UT (Full song & lyrics to, ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’) whilst in full wetsuit proved her commitment to becoming a member.  

A talented athlete, who needs to forget the phrase ‘tap-out’ in order to progress to greater heights!

Denys 'The Beast'

UT’s first ‘Golden buzzer’ selection by El Presidente, after showing an impressive biking prowess and a preference for liberal measures of gin.  

The Ukrainian (married to a Russian!!) is regularly seen carrying the whole family on the back of his bike, which is ideal practice for when he puts the power down.

Helen Macauley

One of the newer UT recruits, who has had an immediate impact on the honours board, following in Blakey’s footsteps to win the super sprint Hercules triathlon in her first ever race. 

A really nice runner and elegant swimmer, who is learning how to bike, without maintaining a vice like grip on the brakes when descending.  

Helen has also been part of the support crew in Cotswolds and Barry, when UT’s have been racing (Barry Island was really for her to check out the Gavin & Stacey experience).

Ben Sweet Untameable Tri

Ben Sweet

As the UT group expands it is delighted to announce another overseas pro to the stable.

Despite his debut ride being highlighted by the child protégé smashing into a van…..and then being the rescue squad to peel Abby and Laura off the Sarratt road, he has continued to return as part of the group.

Ben’s invite was confirmed once we knew how good a swimmer his wife was and that his brother is a former pro-cyclist (we are taking the long game, hoping he will produce such talents in due course!).

Ben is testament that the Spitting Image song, ‘I’ve never met a nice South African’ isn’t always true.

South Africa
Abby Blanshard Untameable Tri

Abby Blanshard

US escapee Abby finally had her welcome to the UK confirmed (after years of trying) when the special girl Laura agreed to put up with her for the rest of her life. 

Abby brings a very attractive Turquoise Bianci  to the stable, which is a great match to the Pongo socks.  She absolutely loves any sort of running.

Laura Blanshard Untameable Tri

Laura Blanshard

The special girl – everyone’s favourite and a Zwift specialist.  

Following a slow start to riding the bike (regular on the floor behind cars, still attached to her cleats) she has become a mountain goat and is ‘one to watch’ within the UT stable.

Untameable Tri